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Tim Wilkinson tim at
Fri Jan 8 10:26:46 PST 1999


I noticed this comment on the list recently about donating code to Kaffe
v. Classpath:

> We're different in that Kaffe's libraries are
> a) copyright Transvirtual - they can sell them under separate licenses

> b) licensed publicly as GPL - this means you aren't legally allowed to

>    execute proprietary software with their libraries.

First, we don't sell *ANY* code we don't write - the Kaffe Desktop is a
different source base to Kaffe Custom - we do propogate code from the
Custom edition to the Desktop, but not vice-versa.  If you donate code
to Kaffe we won't turn around and sell it - if we wanted to sell that
code we'd license if from you (by one off purchase or a per-copy fee).

Second, we distribute Kaffe under the GPL to prevent other companies
from taking our product and embedded it into their products and making
money off them - if we let them do that we'd go out of business and
wouldn't be able to support either version of Kaffe.  This does not
prevent you from using Kaffe to run proprietary software - we'd like you
to make your software open source too but that's up to you.

If anyone has any other questions about Kaffe do drop me a line -
tim at


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