Question on Compiling Kaffe

Bakshi, Sanjay sanjay.bakshi at
Fri Jan 8 13:55:59 PST 1999

I am new here so please bear with me.

I downloaded the Kaffe VM source and I want to compile Kaffe VM 
for Linux and Win95 on x86 platform (ofcourse :)

As I understand the Windows95 port uses Cygnus's GNU tools for Windows.
I went to Cygnus web site and only found GNUPro toolkit for Linux that
produces linux native binaries.

Cygnus sell the suport for windows as a part of licence that costs
more than $7000. 

Is there no way to compile Kaffe for win95, because I don't think
my company will be interested in purchasing $7000 licence?

Other than this, Can i used GNUPro Toolkit for Linux to compile
the Linux version of Kaffe VM?

please let me know.

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