PalmIII Port ?

Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud jbbugeau at
Mon Jan 11 03:36:00 PST 1999

Thanks for answer.

What i can't understand for GhostVM is that it doesn't seem to be a VM !
a VM is supposed to run on a platform and translate bytecode into native
machine code.
i may be wrong but Ghost seem only to allow connection to remove VM (what
they call Ghost Server) that run on a PC computer.
if this is right, it sound very bad.

I'm personnaly interested in porting a "real" VM for the PalmOS, because i
do think such a portable device will be very interresting !

As i'm a newby to kaffe, i've got some questions that stick me ...

what is required to port kaffe to a VM ?
ie, what file (Headers ,C, ...) should i own/write?
how link to the native GUI or Port GRX ?

What i know about PalmIII is that there is a GCC for it !


>  Jean,
> >
> > Is threre any port existing/planed for Kaffe to PalmOS for PalmIII ?
> >
> > Thanks.
> There is no existing/planned port to my knowledge.
> It's certainly not part of the supported ports.
> Sean McDirmid's Ghost VM is a JVM for the Palm Pilot.
> The URL is
> 	- Godmar

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