Compiling kaffe-1.0.b3 -Reply

Bharat Bedia bharat_bedia at
Thu Jan 14 06:58:16 PST 1999

Thanks that worked. Now I have other errors in that "make" can't find
certain .c files in the kaffe/kaffevm dir. They appear to be spread out in
the intrp, jit, mem and systems subdirctories. Do I have to manual "ln -s"
them to the kaffevm dir. or is there a config action to take care of all
this. (I did do a toplevel "./configure", honest!).

As you can tell this is the first time I've ever compiled kaffe. If there is
an FAQ with known build problems/solutions then I'd really appreciate if
someone could please let me know so I don't waste anyone elses time.

Thanks in advance,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard Kraft [mailto:rkraft at]
> I changed AudioPlayer.c by switching the order of the include 
> files to be:
> files.h
> jni.h
> defs.h
> jsyscall.h
> support.h

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