Kaffe tests (was: Compiling kaffe-1.0.b3)

Bharat Bedia bharat_bedia at CommerzbankZGE.com
Fri Jan 15 01:37:41 PST 1999

Originally I used "make" which came with Solaris - this didn't work for me.
As suggested I then used GNU make (gmake) and everything built without error
on my Solaris box. Thanks. 

In the test directory, all the tests under the "test" action passed, but all
the tests in the "testthreads" action failed. 

Also in the test/awt directory, when I tried to run any of the awt examples
(eg. WidgetsDemo) I get a blank window which does not display any widgets.
Also I get the following error output:-

gendevfs1> echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
gendevfs1> which kaffe
gendevfs1> kaffe WidgetsDemo
illegal Graphics target: 1282797040
illegal Graphics target: -4
illegal Graphics target: 3904016
illegal Graphics target: 8747928
illegal Graphics target: 3904016
illegal Graphics target: -268442824
illegal Graphics target: -281650988
illegal Graphics target: 2080
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.drawImgScaled(294)
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.drawImage(267)
        at WidgetsDemo.paint(388)
        at java/awt/Window.update(304)
        at java/awt/PaintEvt.dispatch(38)
        at java/awt/EventDispatchThread.run(38)
illegal Graphics target: 8467784
illegal Graphics target: 7204960 

The "illegal Graphics target" appear as the mouse scans across the blank

What am I doing wrong ?



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alexandre Oliva [mailto:oliva at dcc.unicamp.br]
> On Jan 14, 1999, Richard Kraft <rkraft at sigg.com> wrote:
> > I edited the makefile in each directory where I got a file 
> not found error
> > put the directory name in front of the file not found, i.e.
> > current makefile: basecode($OBJEXT)
> > should read: jit/basecode($OBJEXT)
> This is likely to be only a VPATH problem.  Get GNU make and it will
> probably work.
> The current CVS tree no longer relies on VPATH hackery, since 
> automake 
> (that we've recently adopted) won't let you do that.  But you 
> may find 
> other problems, as the tree isn't fully stabilized yet.

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