Kaffe tests (was: Compiling kaffe-1.0.b3)

Bharat Bedia bharat_bedia at CommerzbankZGE.com
Fri Jan 15 03:13:51 PST 1999

> From: Parmelan, Edouard [mailto:EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com]
> > In the test directory, all the tests under the "test" 
> > action passed, but all
> > the tests in the "testthreads" action failed. 
> > 
> > Also in the test/awt directory, when I tried to run any of the awt
> > examples
> > What am I doing wrong ?
> Awt use Threads !
> What is your CPU for Solaris ?
> sparc or i386
Its a sparc.
> What is the thread system ?
> unix-internal or unix-jthread

I'm not sure how to find out. But if it helps - looking at the
"config.status" file there is an entry :-

Also looking at the libkaffevm.so :-

gendevfs1> nm libkaffevm.so | grep FILE | grep -i thread
[665]   |         0|       0|FILE |LOCL |0    |ABS    |jthread.c
[368]   |         0|       0|FILE |LOCL |0    |ABS    |thread.c

Sorry for being a bit slow but how do I specify the thread system ? More
importantly do they both work on Solaris ? I did initially have build
problems using the "make" provided by Solaris. I then used "gmake" to clean
the system and rebuild it without errors. 

Thanks for your assistance,


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