BeOS port questions

John Oram norami at
Sat Jan 16 18:18:33 PST 1999


I am a voyare on this list because I do nopt program. Rather my
occupation is sales/marketing/project management. I own a small
independent system integration organization in Sacramento, CA. A lot of
our work is PC database related - Paradox for DOS 3.0 thru Paradox 5
16-bit up thru Paradox 8 32-bit for Windows 95/NT. We use data from
other UNIX and AS/400 platforms that is exported to Paradox 8's 32-bit.

Our company also specializes in data communications software.  We also
act as a manufacturer's representative for public safety product lines
including; radios, disguised radio antennas, radio consoles, and
ergonomic dispatch furniture.  Our clients include small businesses;
trade associations; city, county, state, and federal public safety
agencies; and statewide public utilities. 

I just bought a Ultra-wide (68-pin) SCSI 2 9.1 GB drive with Adaptec
2940 controller. My plan is to partition the drive using System
Commander and try various OS - browser combinations. The CPU will be a
reliable AMD 233 MHz with 128 MB RAM, Zip Drive and 32X CD reader. I
have been using a 4.5 MB SCSI 2 drive and NCR chip-set based controller.

I am very interested in BeOS. 

Can you briefly tell me how you plan to use BeOS. 

I'm interested in your thoughts on whether a Windows 3.1/Pen for Windows
1.0 with Touch Screen drivers application could be re-written to run
under BeOS. The platform would be a ruggedized laptop with wireless
communications to a corporate intranet and the WWW internet too.

The question, for the moment, is more academic than a real customer -
yet I have a client with deep dorporate pockets that could possibly be
sold a project like BeOS.

Thanks in advance for your time and ideas.

John Oram
Sacramento, CA 
916-339-2311  Office
<norami at>  email

PS: I have approximately the past six months from the Kaffe list if you
want a file? Not 100% of the stuff but the vast majority of it.

Nicholas Clarey wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I'm currently working away on a BeOS port of kaffe. It's now building, but
> I fear that the hacks I used are going to cause problems. In fact, I would
> say they'll definitely cause problems.
> Firstly; other than this mailing list, is there a central repository for
> FAQs about porting Kaffe? That way I can pare down the list of questions
> so I don't look like an idiot for asking the same question that every
> other porter has asked.
> Secondly; at what stage should I start using CVS for my changes?
> Finally (now the fun begins); a subset of my technical questions...
>  - Beos has no MSG_PEEK defined for the recvfrom command in
> PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c - how bad is this?
>  - Beos has no register entries in it's struct sigcontext. This is causing
> the exception.c nullException and floatingException to die (no ebp/eip
> lines 301, 319). Is there a workaround for this?
> Thanks,
> Nick C.

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