A file system for organising java stuff ?

J.P.Lewis zilla at idiom.com
Sun Jan 17 11:56:54 PST 1999

I agree that there should be at least a vague convention on how/where
Java programs are installed under Unix/Linux.  At present, suppose
you want to release a rpm'd or similar public version of a program -
where should it go?

Probably the java community should propose the solution -
otherwise some poorly chosen convention might take hold.
I think a couple more people should join the original poster
and publish a more formal looking recommendation.

R.e. the specific proposal, no problems with what's there,
but I think Java programs may need to exist in places
other than just /usr/local.  If someone wrote a system control 
panel using swing (e.g. replacement for the redhat scripts
such as adduser that use tk), where should this go?

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