Finalizer problem

Joe Sulewski sulewski at
Tue Jan 26 12:49:05 PST 1999

I'm new to this list so if this have been reported please forgive me. I
downloaded beta 3 for Linux-intel and I ran into some problems. My
application main starts with, System.runFinalizersOnExit(true); and
I get the following dump:

Failed to locate native function:
        at Main.main(25)

I also had a problem loading and displaying some jpeg graphics:
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.getGraphics(530)
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.getClippedGraphics(422)
        at java/awt/PaintEvt.dispatch(35)
        at java/awt/

You should know that our application works great under Suns Java,
speaking of which I tried to run Suns demos with kaffe and most of them
didn't work. Is it known how many beta releases their are going to be? I
really look forward to a stable1.0 release, your system seems really
fast with a short startup time.
I know that the information I provided is probably shy, so if you need
more than please ask and I will provide it. Again, I'm new to the list
so give me some time to fall into the groove.
Joe Sulewski
The COBRE Group

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