Memory profile

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Jan 26 17:51:36 PST 1999


> The most strange thing, is that it saves me not
> only those 6Mb it was eating, but allowed to GC
> about 1.5 times more objects. Since block allocated
> by KMALLOC should not be scanned by GC for
> object references - this is really strange...

It's not scanned, but everything allocated through KMALLOC
counts towards the -mx heap limit.  So if you have a leak
there, it affects how much heap is left for gcable objects.

> PS There was a bug reported early, about memory leak
> in something releted to zip files...
> I can't find it in my archive... Was it really
> fixed? Or I have refound it?

You rediscovered it.  It was my fault.
It had originally been reported by Kim Jongwong, and he supplied
a correct fix, but I applied the fix he submitted wrong.

It should be fixed now.

	- Godmar

ps: when submitting fixes, please use unified diffs and send them as

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