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Jason Baker jbaker at
Tue Jan 26 14:33:32 PST 1999

> Actually, I would suggest hiding the [0] arrays behind a macro called
> ALIGNMENT(), as this would hide the GNU-ism and make it easier to fix
> under other compilers (which might provide pragmas or somesuch for
> defining the alignment of a structure).

Can you put a pragma inside a macro?  I didn't think you could put a
#include inside a macro.

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> Perhaps it is worth considering gcc -ansi -pedantic as the standard
> command line options for gcc. Some of these problems would be minimized.

I would prefer
$(CC) -D_GNU_SOURCE -ansi -pedantic

Please note, that glibc doesn't declare some symbols when _GNU_SOURCE is
not declared, which is the case when -ansi option is given to gcc.
I know several projects which suffer from such "pedantism", notably PAM
(pluggable authentication modules), which contains dozens of __USE_BSD,
__POSIX_SOURCE and even "#include <features.h>" in random places.

IMHO, Kaffe may and should use available features and extensions, even not
described in the ANSI and ISO standards.

Pavel Roskin.

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