How to Get Image from file

John C. Hayward John.C.Hayward at
Wed Jan 27 08:44:20 PST 1999

Thanks Alex for your suggestions!
On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Alex Nicolaou wrote:
> > >    In the applet class of java there is a getImage method for obtaining
> > > a Image from a URL.  I would like to get an Image from a local file
> > > in a non applet application.  What is the best way to do so?
> You can use Toolkit.getImage(String filename) to get the image in an
> application, but the API shows its age by not taking a File instance and
> is not portable to applets. 
> The "officially sanctioned" way to do this is described in your API
> documentation or on the Java WWW site at
> (it's the second-last link on the JDK documentation page if you've
> downloaded the docs for 1.1.X). The basic jist of the method is "stick
> all your images in a JAR file and let Java find them for you". Amongst
> other advantages, bundling up the images cleans up the look of how your
> application installs, speeds your applet's download, and works for both
> applets and applications. 
> alex

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