Compilation problem

Derek L Davies ddavies at
Wed Jan 27 11:51:03 PST 1999

Same thing happend to me (I'm also on Solaris 2.6).  I don't have a
fix, but wanted to confirm this bug.


>>>>> "Francesco" == Francesco Bellotti <franz at> writes:

    Francesco> I have downloaded kaffe1.0b3 and tried to compile on a
    Francesco> Solaris2.6 workstation.  The compilation could not
    Francesco> finish successfully because the gcc compiler found a
    Francesco> parse error in line 106 of /usr/include/stdlib.h This
    Francesco> file is included(not directly) in AudioPlayer.c.  I
    Francesco> have tryed with gcc and egcs, with make and gnumake,
    Francesco> but had always the same error.  Any suggestions?  Thank
    Francesco> you very much in advance, Francesco

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