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Thu Jan 28 17:37:12 PST 1999

Thanks for clarify the situation. From the licenses of biss-awt seems they
have  no limitaion of distribution modified version of it. So if possible
could you possible continue to support it, or pass along your modified
version? There's no free swing-like Toolkit around and definitely we need
one. Swing is just to big and buggy(?) for what kaffe aimed at embedded
system (It's very slow too). I don't care to use another event dispatch
mechnism. I do want to roll up my sleeves to add more widgets (like table,
tooltip etc.) to it. And I'd love to develope applications around it. I dare
say lots of people are just feel like me (since biss-awt is just what you
see first when download kaffe). So I see an active support channel is of
such a importance for biss-awt, for kaffe and for the whole free java


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> Well, I guess I have to jump in here.. It's true that I still use a
> modified
> version of biss-jde, and therefore the biss-awt widgets. However, both
> Joerg
> and I haven't worked on biss-awt since almost a year now. That's not too
> bad -
> using it for such a long time without having to fix something (on both
> Linux
> and Windows).
> The reason why we had to abandon biss-awt dev. is a legal one (we aren't
> employed by BISS anymore, who owns this).
> The event model isn't that different (1.1 is also a modified Observer
> pattern), it just uses a single Observer type. That makes it a bit more
> difficult in the Observer (might be a long "switch"-like struct), but
> easier
> on the Observable side. And it is much easier to deal with in tools (like
> the
> Designer). I uploaded some tech docu (ps file) about 1.5 years ago.
> -- Peter

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