Patch to java/text/

grunwald at grunwald at
Sat Jan 30 10:48:57 PST 1999

DateFormat is missing the "getCalendar" method. This method is
documented in the jdk1.1.7B documentation on A patch
using diff -u against the CVS server is appended.

As a side note, I imagine the overall quality of the Kaffe libraries
could be improved if someone wrote a tool to query the classes in the
Sun JAR's and compare those to the methods available in the Kaffe
JAR's. This could be used to point out any missing or inconsistent
functions rather than discovering them piecemeal. I have no idea if
which tool is suitable for automating this process.

diff -u -r1.2
---	1998/12/09 23:20:27	1.2
+++	1999/01/30 19:51:14
@@ -173,6 +173,10 @@
 	calendar = cal;
+public Calendar getCalendar() {
+	return calendar;
 public void setLenient(boolean val) {
 	lenient = val;

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