Compiling Kaffe 1.0b4 on Win95/CYGWIN / make check fails

Phil Kelly pwkelly at
Thu Jul 8 12:11:37 PDT 1999


I'm having trouble getting Kaffe to compile on a Windows 95 (OSR2) machine using
the Cygwin tools.

I've gotten around the previous mentioned cygwin vs. cygwin32 problem (by copying the cygwin32 directory to cygwin) and I've been either copying the *.lo files to *.o in the ./libraries/clib/*/ directories or softlinking them to get around the libtool problem.

I've also run configure with no options and with the --disable-static option, with identical results:

The 'make' completes now, as does 'make install'.

But when I run 'make check' it fails with the following errors (top part of make messages deleted for brevity):

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