Classpath and Kaffe

Archie Cobbs archie at
Tue Jul 13 16:33:35 PDT 1999

Duncan W. McQueen writes:
> Is there any work or synchronization between Classpath and Kaffe?  Are 

Not really.

> Are there things implemented in Classpath that aren't in Kaffe, and the 
> same in reverse?

Probably (I don't know what's currently implemented in Classpath).

You could argue that the root of the problem is that Sun never
fully spec'd the JVM, because they didn't specify what the native
methods are (eg, in java.lang.Thread  So Classpath and
kaffe's "JVM API" are different.

More to the point, they were started as separate projects, and like
most separate projects, there hasn't been a lot of spontaneous
communication or coordination.

Plus, TVT needs to own the copyright to any files they sell to
customers in the custom edition. So unless Classpath was willing
to grant this right, TVT would have to rewrite everything anyway.


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