Kaffe and Status

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at transvirtual.com
Wed Jul 14 17:41:12 PDT 1999

> 2).  What is the performance of the JIT compiler? 

Jit3 is pretty close (hopefully August? Can't promise on Tim's
shoulders..). It brings global register alloc and (probably not upfront)
inlining. Results look really good (please don't pester me about
details, yet).

> done on providing more optimizations?  How about a better garbage
> collector?

Incremental GC (Baker treadmill) and dedicated heap mgnt (expl. handled,
GCed object space, code/ClassLoader space) is on the way. We probably
will see it within the next two months.

> 4).  Is Kaffe's synchronization system being optimized?

Heavily. The new locking system is about 5 times faster (JIT inlined).
Measurement shows that just about 1% of the locks still have to be
heavyweight (system calls etc.)

 > 5).  What about replacing pizza with Jikes (I know, this isn't
> necessary, but pizza is sooo slow).

Work in progress, too. KJC is closing in, and everybody who is willing
to help on that (test, bug rep,..) is highly welcomed.

-- Peter

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