Still trying Kaffe/CYGWIN32--next problem: ";;" unexpected

Travis Stevens travis at
Thu Jul 15 08:00:40 PDT 1999

Could some one lease help me get off of the mailing list !

At 09:30 AM 7/15/99 -0500, you wrote:

>We're still trying to get Kaffe configured and running on Win95, using the 
>CYGWIN tools.  We decided to try the kaffe-snap since it should have some 
>of the CLASSPATH / KAFFELIBRARYPATH issues resolved.
>The make completes (both make and make install), but when we run make 
>check, we now get 83 of 84 tests failing.
>The error that we receive is:
>EVAL:SYNTAX ERROR: ";;" unexpected
>in every test.
>Phil Kelly
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>Embedded Computing Technologies                    Phone (765) 451-0776
>Internet: pwkelly at               Kokomo, Indiana, USA

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