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Archie Cobbs archie at
Thu Jul 15 11:25:16 PDT 1999

Bernd Kreimeier writes:
> Tim Wilkinson writes:
>  > Also, has anyone got a legal opinion of using the 1.2 spec from Sun to
>  > write an independent implementation of the 1.2 additions?  
> McNealy's minor minions have one to offer:
>  If the judge were to rule against Sun, "that's not a disaster for us,
>  for the following reason -- it is very difficult, close to if not, in
>  fact, impossible, to build an implementation of the Java platform
>  without at least looking at the documentation or its specifications,"
>  said Alan Baratz, president of software products and platforms at Sun.
>  "Well, that's Sun intellectual property. And the judge has been very 
>  clear about that, that if Microsoft uses the specs or uses the
>  documentation, it is not an independent work," Baratz continued. "Or
>  if Microsoft purchases something from a third party that had used the
>  documentation or the specs, it's not an independent work."

Sun has an inherent internal conflict of interest with respect to Java.
On the one hand, they want Java to be an open standard. On the other,
they want to subvert their perceived competitors.

I wish they would acknowlege it and come to a resolution one way or another,
for their own sake at least.


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