Still trying Kaffe/CYGWIN32--next problem: ";;" unexpected

Phil Kelly pwkelly at
Thu Jul 15 16:23:30 PDT 1999

Archies suggestion led me to find one of the problems.  It turned out that the CLASSPATH on the machine in question was set and had a ; at the end of it!  Consequently when the BUILD_ENVIRONMENT was processed, CLASSPATH ended up having two ; (between the preset CLASSPATH and the additions from the Kaffe environment), and I believe that was the source of the problem (the eval line in the TestScript under the compile subroutine was probably generating the error).

But, that let me to find another potential problem.  If you don't have CLASSPATH set, the BUILD_ENVIRONMENT will still be wrong, since it will generate a path with a ; at the very beginning!  This will also create a problem.  

Unfortunately, we still aren't to the end yet, since this was done on a machine that was using the daily snapshot from yesterday.  Now Kaffe.jar and pizza.jar apparently have syntax errors in them when running make check (something about & unexpected and ) unexpected respectivly).  Maybe I should try to go back to 1.0 b4 and work around the errors that the snapshot fixed . . . .

Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Phil Kelly writes:
> > The make completes (both make and make install), but when we run make check,
> > we now get 83 of 84 tests failing.
> >
> > The error that we receive is:
> >
> > EVAL:SYNTAX ERROR: ";;" unexpected
> >
> > in every test.
> Something in TestScript is being choked on by the cygwin shell apparently.
> See if you can track down where.. (I don't use Windows/cygwin so can't try it
> myself).
> -Archie
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