About Kaffe's romizing version.

Lee Dong Yul lomen at cselab.snu.ac.kr
Wed Jul 21 05:29:32 PDT 1999


I am a graduate student and have been studying the Internals of Java
Virtual Machine.

In Sun's web site, I saw Personal Java 1.1 Memory usage technical note a
few weeks ago.

In that note, Romizing method is introduced to reduce class loading's
time and memory.

So, I have downloaded personal java 3.0 source and have built that
source on Windows NT platform.

but It is not tested, Performance improvements between romized version
and non-romized version. --;;

And, NewMonics that developes PERC introduce Romizer.

I am planning to develop Romized Kaffe version.

In Kaffe, Is there Kaffe version ( Custom Edition and Desktop Edition)
wtih romizing method?

Or  Is someone developing Kaffe version with romizing method?

If someone does, I wanna cooperate that project.



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