About Kaffe's romizing version.

Lee Dong Yul lomen at cselab.snu.ac.kr
Wed Jul 21 20:24:16 PDT 1999

Do you mean that Sun has the copyright or patent of Romizing method and so, I
cannot appply Romizing-like method to Kaffe?

Sun's romizing method is a technique for JVM performance improvements.

Hmmm... Of course, SUN's bytecode quick method is patented by SUN.

But I will plan to change Kaffe source with my romizing alogrithms.

At first, I think that I must read the personal java source license

Thanks for your advice.


alanlb at access.rrinc.com wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Lee Dong Yul wrote:
> [snip]
> | So, I have downloaded personal java 3.0 source and have built that
> | source on Windows NT platform.
> |
> [snip]
> | Or  Is someone developing Kaffe version with romizing method?
> |
> | If someone does, I wanna cooperate that project.
> If I understand the relevant licenses correctly, you can't contribute to
> the Kaffe project anymore, unfortunately, due to the terms of the Sun
> license associated with the Personal Java source.  Someone please correct
> me if I'm off the mark here.
> Alan

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