Drag and Drop Support

Pete Brower pete at appx.com
Thu Jul 29 12:36:34 PDT 1999


I just signed up for this mailing list.  So, if this
subject has already been covered,  Sorry to bring it
up again.  I didn't see it in the archives.

I am a developer for a software company that writes
and sell a multiplatform 4GL Rapid Application Development
tool.  We have historically run on all unix flavors
using a curses interface.  Our software has been used
for years by companies like UPS, Lockheed, Otis Elevator, 
Nationwide Insurance, New York Life Insurance, etc.

When we ported to windows, we wrote a Java GUI Interface to 
our product.  We are now in a position to support the Linux 
community by giving away free copies of our software to anyone 
that wants to download it.  No strings, no expiration, no

The problem is that we want to also include our Java
GUI Interface component.  So, I am trying to get this running
unxer X11 on Linux.  It was developed using the JDK 1.2
specs.  I have the swing stuff tryinng to work using the 
swingall.jar classes.  But, now it is complaining that it
can't find the Drag and Drop classes.  I guess this is because
they did not exist in the JDK 1.1 specs that Kaffe is using.

Has anyone here gotten the Drag/Drop from Java2 ported back
to run under Kaffe?  If so, I could really use some hints.
This is the last thing standing in the way of our free

Thanks in advance for any help,

Pete Brower
R&D Fellow
APPX Software, Inc.
pete at appx.com

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