For QNX 4.x ?

Junji OAKI oaki at
Wed Jun 16 10:16:21 PDT 1999

Hi all,

I am developing robot controllers using QNX, real time OS for IBM-PC.
I need Java VM for controlling multiple robot manipulators
from MS-Windows machines via network.
Unfortunately, QSSL's Java VM for QNX 4.x is still in beta,
so I am very interested in Kaffe VM for QNX 4.x.

I have two questions.

1)  Which gcc version is suitable to build Kaffe for QNX 4.x ?
    Where can I get the gcc ?
    I have QNX 4.25A (or 4.24), Watcom C 10.6 and TCP/IP 4.25 (or 4.24).

   Has anyone succeeded in building Kaffe for QNX 4.25A(4.24) ?

2) QNX is a real time OS.
    So, Kaffe VM for QNX 4.x is "Real time Java". Right ?

Thanks for information,

Junji OAKI

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