AWT : Automatic call to System.exit(0)

Peter Mehlitz peter at
Wed Jun 16 23:50:13 PDT 1999

Rodrigo Senra wrote:
>  I dug a little and found out at class Default a static field AutoStop

Right, that's how it is controlled. The comments for that field just tend to
vanish each time I document it again. Set it to "false" and you should have
the "standard" behavior.

Yes, it's from the "it's a feature, not a bug" section. But I don't know if I
really want to change the default (I've seen so many apps simply not
terminating under JDK at all). However, it is Ok if you change Defaults
according to your needs. That's the only purpose of this class - to adapt the
Kaffe AWT to your needs/system (e.g. poling / flush rates, ClickTimes,
colors), you hardly can't do anything wrong (and most of the fields are

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