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Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Sat Jun 19 15:58:33 PDT 1999

> If we created a single `closed' category, it would soon become a
> mess of unclassified bug reports, which would make it *harder* for
> people to search.

I don't think so.  People searching for specific bugs will use the
search facility to find the bug report.  Search will find it in the
Closed category just as well as any other.  *Browsing* 'Closed' might
become difficult, but who really cares?

In my mind, the only reason to browse a category is to find the open
bugs in the category (e.g., to find something to fix). Or, assume I'm
thinking of downloading Kaffe, and want to see what shape the network
support is in: I go to the bug database and try to browse the 'net'
category, except its full of "closed" bugs.  Picking out just the open
ones is impossible.  (Okay, currently Kaffe has 3 bugs in that
category, so its really not hard, but do you want the accumulated
history of all network bug reports to sit in that category for

The GIMP, WindowMaker and Gnome Jitterbug repositories all have a
'fixed' or 'closed' category.  Rsync (a samba project) has a 'fixed'
category.   ... oh, wait... *every single other project* listed on the
JitterBug web page has a "closed" or "fixed" category in its database.
(Actually, look at the ProFTPd bug list, it has a completely different 
notion of 'category' than Kaffe...)

> ... since you can already know, in Jitterbug, whether a bug report
> is open or not: if it is `pending' or `unreplied', it is open,
> otherwise it is closed.

Given the current interface, you cannot search for all open bugs.
That seems weak to me.  Creating a 'fixed' category and moving bugs to 
there when they're really fixed seems like a simple and painless
solution.  Not more difficult than adding the note 'Fixed' that
currently litters the repository.

Of course, since I'm not on the core, I don't move bugs around or
reply to them, so I don't really know what I'm talking about... But, I
do use the system to report bugs and track open bugs in parts of


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