For QNX 4.x ?

Junji OAKI oaki at
Sat Jun 19 23:00:42 PDT 1999

Jeppe Sommer wrote:

>  > I have two questions.
>  >
>  > 1)  Which gcc version is suitable to build Kaffe for QNX 4.x ?
> egcs-1.1.1
>  >     Where can I get the gcc ?
>  >     I have QNX 4.25A (or 4.24), Watcom C 10.6 and TCP/IP 4.25 (or 4.24).
> Perfect.
>  >
>  >    Has anyone succeeded in building Kaffe for QNX 4.25A(4.24) ?
>  >
> Yes, I have had kaffe working for QNX 4.2x at various stages. Right
> now I have a partial port of a recent kaffe snapshot (some problem
> with exceptions remains to be solved). I have, however, been very busy
> doing "real" work. I will hopefully soon be able to release a set of
> patches for QNX 4.x

I appreciate your complete answers. I will try.
Recently, however, I have heard that the newest Kaffe for QNX 4.x
cannot be build by the gcc from QNX newsgroup "comp.os.qnx".
Your patch can solve this problem ?

>  > 2) QNX is a real time OS.
>  >     So, Kaffe VM for QNX 4.x is "Real time Java". Right ?
> No.
> The current (unreleased) port uses the "jthreads" package which is a
> user-level thread package. The java virtual machine runs as a single
> QNX process, and the CPU time allocated to this process is allocated
> to the java threads by an internal scheduler.

I understand.

> To me, real time means (in a QNX context) that java threads are
> handled by the QNX scheduler, so that priority and scheduling policy
> can be controlled for each thread.
> Also, an interface to the native QNX message passing primitives would
> come in handy, making it possible, e.g, to create a java server thread
> with a priority that adapts to the priorities of its current clients
> (whether "c" processes or java threads).
> Last (but not at all least) kaffe currently has a non-incremental
> "stop the world" garbage collector. Until this changes, forget about
> real time.

I hope that an interface to the native QNX message passing primitives will
come in handy, Difficult ?

Junji OAKI

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