AWT : Automatic call to System.exit(0)

Andrew Pimlott pimlott at abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Jun 20 10:02:53 PDT 1999

On 20 Jun 1999, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> But it seems that I'm alone in the ``deep understanding'' of the
> underlying assumptions of Jitterbug.  I wonder if Andrew Tridgell and
> Dan Shearer share this sensation with me...  Or maybe it's I that just
> don't get it, and the `Message type's are just a useless concept in
> Jitterbug, that's going to be dropped in the next release... :-(

Isn't it clear that the inability to search on two types (alternately, the
lack of a closed type) is a simple and obvious deficiency in jitterbug,
and that fixing it would a) take less time than this argument and b) make
everybody happy? 


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