AWT : Automatic call to System.exit(0)

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Wed Jun 23 04:19:24 PDT 1999

On Jun 18, 1999, Peter Mehlitz <peter at> wrote:

> No, I don't think it makes sense to turn this into properties
> (remember that I had a much more sophisticated mech in BISS-AWT?).

Nope, I didn't get to play with BISS-AWT.

> The point is that we often don't even have file systems, but we
> always have classes (and I hate adding complexity without a cause).

But we could always use a resource file to set such defaults, couldn't
we?  There could be a default resource in Klasses.jar, but, if this
could be overridden with a user-defined file, it would be much
better, because people may feel frightened of changing a Java class,
but not of changing a configuration file.

> Commandline properties don't really help if you look at the number
> of things which can be changed (colors etc.).

I was only thinking about this particular flag, which people are more
likely to be willing to change.

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