Kaffe's MS-Extensions Will Hurt Java

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at geocities.com
Fri Jun 25 07:22:02 PDT 1999


> > > Shame on you, Tim. I won't be using your product.
> >
> > You don't have to refrain from using the Standard part; you just have
> > to fight against the non-Standard one.
> There is another option, one in which other Open Source projects have
> used.If Tim is going to go down that road, then maybe it's time to fork the
> project.

Open Source Java is already splitted. Remember Japhar project.

A better solution would be to ask Tim not to add M$ extensions to the
GPL'ed Kaffe. Adding them to the "Custom Edition" would be Ok.

Transvirtual Technologies have made very much for Kaffe. The fork would be
a justified and decent solution only Transvirtual Technologies insists
on adding M$ extentions to the GPL'ed Kaffe. IMHO.

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