NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY (was: Trampoline in m68k)

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Mar 1 19:29:57 PST 1999

On Mar  1, 1999, David Jones <dej at> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> | > Going back to the m68k/netbsd1.3.1 issue, when I made modification to
> | > 'config/m68k/trampolines.c' as the patch attached, the test script
> | > starts to work.
> | 
> | Can anyone think of any reason for not installing it?

> I am not sure of the difference between static and shared libraries, as far
> as the trampoline patch goes.  I modified the trampoline code to remove the
> #ifdef, so that static and dynamically linked trampolines worked the same
> way.  As far as I can tell, my m68k machine is jumping correctly through
> those trampolines, because it successfully makes it to soft_fixup_trampoline().

libtool will compile all code that might go into a shared library with
-fPIC or equivalent, but it may end up not creating a shared library
due to inter-library dependencies.  Unless you --disable-shared, of
course, in which case only static libraries will be created for sure.
If the ABI was really different from PIC to non-PIC code, I don't
understand how the compiler could emit code to call a function before
knowing whether it will be in a static or a shared library, so they
can't be so different.

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@{,}
Instituto de Computação, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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