NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY (was: Trampoline in m68k)

Godmar Back gback at
Mon Mar 1 22:36:04 PST 1999

> As someone (Godmar?) pointed out earlier, this is due to the static
> initializer for java.lang.Runtime failing for some reason.
> This is awkward to debug with GDB at best, since the JIT stack frames are
> not compatible with GDB.  Also, GDB cannot correlate the stack frames with
> any source code.  However, I can always read the core file using gdb.

If the failure is not specific to the jit/dynamic lib configuration, it is
often better to debug it in a intr/static lib configuration.
Note the macro "intbt" provided in the developers/gdbinit file.

	- Godmar

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