Problem with NetBSD-1.3.3 making snap

John C. Hayward John.C.Hayward at
Wed Mar 3 09:30:37 PST 1999

Could we add a FAQ.NetBSD which would indicate NetBSD users should get
the package gmake and /usr/pkg/bin/gmake rather than just running make?
Also pointers in the README should give pointers to the FAQ area.

On 3 Mar 1999, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Mar  3, 1999, "John C. Hayward" <John.C.Hayward at> wrote:
> >    I had no problems making kaffe 1.0b (other than including libraries)
> > with under NetBSD-1.3.3 on i386 platform just configureing and using make.
... Problem with make on kaffe snapshots
> The CVS tree now needs GNU make.  Run `automake -i' if you don't have
> it.
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> oliva@{,,,}
> Instituto de Computação, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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