Visual Studio Port

Kim, Jongwon (freefish) freefish at
Thu Mar 4 01:46:20 PST 1999

I made a port of Kaffe compiled with Visual C++ 5.0 last year.
I've ported it based on Kaffe 1.0.b1 for my Master paper. 
It works both interpreter and JIT translate mode except AWT.
I've profiled Kaffe with TrueTime, which is a profiler on Windows 95.
Currently  I'm porting Kaffe 1.0.b3 version, maybe 1.0.b4 :-( .
When it works properly, I'll  report.

jongwon Kim

    Kim, jongwon

    freefish at


RE : Visual Studio Port

|Apologoes if this has been covered recently, but is anyone aware of a publicly
|avaliable port of kaffe using Visual C++, or any documaentation avalable from
|a similar project?
|Tim Daplyn...

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