How to get items which are removed/added to show up in AWT?

Dempsey, James James.Dempsey at
Wed Mar 3 15:28:10 PST 1999

Hi John,

>    This may be off topic - I have a AWT application which has a panel
> which I remove and add items to after it has been displayed.  When I
> remove things from the panel they disapear but the panel does 
> not adjust
> for the removed items (in this case a grid layout).  When I add items
> they do not appear.
>    I have tried calls to show, repaint, invalidate.


>    What is the proper way to get things looking correct after
> removing/adding items from a container in a frame?

	I have found that the following works:


	where container is the container you are removing and adding
components to/from. Both calls are necessary though.

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