java.class.version is wrong?

Jiro KANAYAMA majiro at
Tue Mar 9 22:49:25 PST 1999


I found difference of JDK and Kaffe in java.class.version System property.

According to JLS java.class.vertsion is "Class Format Version".

For JDK1.1.7B, java.class.version is defined to 45.3.
And For JDK1.2, it is defined to 46.

But, in kaffe-snap, java.class.version is defined to 1.
(In source file, kaffe_class_version in include/system.h)

See Java Virtual Machine Specification, 4.1 The class File Format.

> A Java Virtual Machine must not attempt to run code with a different
> major version. A change of the major version number indicates a major
> incompatible change, one that requires a fundamentally different Java
> Virtual Machine.
> ...
> Only Sun may define the meaning of new class file version numbers.


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