markObject given a primitive class object

Herbert Xu herbert at
Tue Mar 9 02:05:33 PST 1999

With the snap shot downloaded on the 9th of March, I'm getting a non gc'ed
address in the following spot.  In particular, it's a class object for short
(not Short).  I don't see how one can assume that this memory is always gc'ed
unless no one ever passes the short class around.

                       if (l < 0) {
                                /* we know this pointer points to gc'ed memory
                                 * there is no need to check - go ahead and
                                 * mark it.  Note that p may or may not point
                                 * to a "real" Java object.
                                GC_markObject(collector, *(void **)mem);

I've had the same trouble with another markObject.  For the mean time, I've
changed both to markAddress.  Bud I'd like to know whether this assumption
is still supposed to hold or not.

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