java.class.version is wrong?

Godmar Back gback at
Thu Mar 11 14:17:56 PST 1999

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> Jiro KANAYAMA writes:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > gback>  If you start kaffe -D, as in "kaffe -Djava.class.version=46"
> > gback> you can set it to whatever you want.
> > 
> > So, in kaffe, has java.class.version different definition from JLS?

The JLS does not specify a value to my knowledge.  The JLS as well as
the JDK doc only say that this property is defined.  At least, from my
reading.  I'd appreciate a pointer if it does.

I haven't seen the value for java.class.version published anywhere.  Has 
anybody? Note that this is a version number for the class library, not for
the class file format.

I also haven't read anything that only Sun can define new values
for this property.  Could it be you're confusing this with the class file
version number, for which this is indeed the case?

In any event, whenever you have programs that rely on certain settings
for certain system properties, you can always use the -D option in Kaffe
to set them to whatever values your application expects.

For instance, InstallShield for netbeans requires that you run kaffe with
-Djava.version=1.1 (java.version is set to 1.0b3 in Kaffe at this point)

Hope that helps.

	- Godmar

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