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Sun Mar 14 00:18:00 PST 1999

On Mar  1, 1999, Kiyo Inaba <inaba at> wrote:

>> And I must confess I didn't understand why two versions were needed,
>> since the first version would work for both static and shared

> I am not familiar with i386 calling sequence, but there are
> several unix variants who use different calling convention
> when we specify PIC.

But you can usually link PIC code with non-PIC code, so the ABI can't
be completely incompatible, i.e., PIC code can't assume it is calling
PIC code, and non-PIC code can't assume it is calling non-PIC code.

On SunOS4/sparc there are actual pic/non-pic incompatibilities, and
one shouldn't link code compiled with -fpic (not -fPIC) together with
non-PIC code.  But I hope m68k does not implement PIC like that.

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