m68k: getting there - slowly

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Mar 14 16:23:21 PST 1999

>| Could anyone post a collection of all the patches for m68k so far?
>| I've been unable to figure out what should be installed in the CVS
>| tree and what should not, so I'd appreciate if someone (David?  Kiyo?) 
>| could post a single patch with the current set of patches for m68k,
>| for immediate installation in the CVS tree.
>Well, you caught me at a very inconvenient time. :-)
>In 45 minutes, I'm leaving for the airport for a two-week vacation.  I don't
>have time to cut you the "latest patch".

OK, I've been back from vacation :-)
And, I will back trace David's patch and mine.

BTW, the current biggest probmlem should be the compiler itself.
Someone once pointed it should come from Runtime bug, but I am
not sure.

>I posted a patch earlier (three weeks ago?) - check the archives.  But at least
>one part of that patch is incorrect, and there is stuff that is still wrong.
>It's on my to-do list for when I get back, along with a zillion other things.

Forget about to-do at all, and have a good vacation :-)


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