Jacob: open source Java database and IDE

Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Mar 16 18:56:57 PST 1999

Hi folks,

please find Jacob version 0.2 at http://www.JDBMS.ORG
It would be great if somebody can test it with a new built of Kaffe; I currently don't have the resources to do it myself. 

Jacob is a database and development environment coded in Java(TM). 
It's a GNU GPL open source project.

New in version 0.2 is DBFiler.java for manipulating directories and files DBFiler has a functionality similar to that of Explorer and knows FTP. So transferring files between local system and FTP directories is a matter of drag and drop. Read DBDev.help for more info. 

Version 0.2 also comes with an improved mail and news client (samples\mail).

Gerhard Paulus

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