Keycode bug?

Peter Graves pgraves at
Wed Mar 17 07:11:16 PST 1999


I've got a fairly large Swing app (an editor) that I'm trying to
get to work with a recent (three days old or so) development
snapshot of Kaffe.  I'm pleased to report that it basically does
work, with a bit of prodding, but I've run into a few things.

I'm working on an x86 Linux box.  In comparison to the Blackdown
port of Sun Java, Kaffe reports different keycodes for
KeyEvent.getKeyCode().  For example, the letter 'o' generates the
keycode 0x4f on both Blackdown and Kaffe.  But if the Ctrl key is
down, Blackdown still reports 0x4f, but Kaffe reports 0x0f.  This
problem also makes it impossible to distinguish between Backspace
and Ctrl H.  Kaffe seems to be changing the keycode reported when
the Ctrl key is down, instead of just reporting the keycode
unchanged and letting the app call getModifiers() to see whether
the Ctrl key is down.  I believe the Blackdown behavior is
correct, since I've verified that this is how Sun Java works on

I'd very much like to be able to expect the same keycode values
from Kaffe as from Blackdown.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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