javares, a new mailing list for Java resource accounting and control

Nelson Minar nelson at
Wed Mar 17 08:21:01 PST 1999

javares is a new mailing list for discussion of developing a resource
accounting and limitation framework for Java. To subscribe, mail
<majordomo at> with "subscribe javares" in the message
body. Our web page is at

Feel free to pass along this announcement to interested parties.


                          The JavaRes List Charter

Javares is a mailing list for discussion of resource accounting and
limitations for the Java language and virtual machine. 

The Java security model ensures the security of information, but it
does not address the robust execution of untrusted code. It is quite
possible for untrusted code to mount a denial-of-service attack, where
it uses so much of a given resource that the VM in which it is
executing is rendered unusable. Typical resources that are consumed
are CPU time, memory, and system threads, but other limited resources
may be consumed.

This list was formed to discuss this problem, and work together toward
a solution.  It is a public discussion forum that is open to all
interested parties.

This mailing list is publically archived. Archives are available at

If you have administrative requests or need help in understanding how
the mail server works (for example, to unsubscribe) please mail
majordomo at  If you'd like to talk to the people running
the list, mail javares-admin at  Finally, posts to the
list as a whole should go to javares at

Your volunteer list hosts are:

     Bill Foote (Sun)
     Doug Lea (University of Oswego)
     Nelson Minar (MIT Media Lab)

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