Kaffe Klasses - which way are we headed?

Maksim Lin maksim at swin.edu.au
Thu Mar 18 22:29:52 PST 1999

If you use the snap-shot/cvs version of kaffe, you should be able to use
swing with it.  There are problems (I tried a simple email swing app
yesterday and couldn't get the button images to show up) but kaffe+swing
basically works.

A question about kaffe+swing that I do have is why do the fonts look
different ?
It was my understanding that swing draws almost everything (and I
thought this included fonts) itself in java so why do swing apps fonts
look one way under the jdk (linux & m$) and another way under kaffe
(linux) ?


Jules Bean wrote:
> I have just come across JMol, a rather interesting looking java
> application.
> http://www.openscience.org/jmol
> Unfortunately, it uses Swing.  Which brings me to my point..
> How far is the Kaffe project planning to track Sun's class functionality?
> It seems like it's going to be a large job, as their class libraries
> proliferate (Java3D, Java2D, Swing...).  On the other hand, there are more
> of us than there are of them :-)
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