Error running sablecc..

Jules Bean jmlb2 at
Sun Mar 21 15:29:59 PST 1999

I'm just about to start writing a parser using SableCC (which I found out
about from the link on the transvirtual page).

Unfortunately, I can't even run the supplied example parsers..

The problem is in this snippet of java code:

(from ca/mcgill/sablecc/parser/

    public Parser(Lexer lexer)
        this.lexer = lexer;

            ObjectInputStream s = new
            actionTable = (int[][][]) s.readObject();
            gotoTable = (int[][]) s.readObject();
            errors = (String[]) s.readObject();
        catch(Exception e)
            throw new RuntimeException("Unable to read parser.dat.");

..the code throws the exception.  So, it looks like there's a problem with
either kaffe's serialisation stuff, or kaffe's getResource stuff.

I'm using 1.0b3 - I rather suspect the answer is going to be 'upgrade to
the CVS version', but I though I'd check here first.


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