JDK version ?

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Wed Mar 24 11:48:09 PST 1999

> Ok, if I use your FreeBSD figure of 410 and normalize it to the 166 seen in
> the URL above (because of different hardware), it looks like the
> Linux/Kaffe/jit/poll would be about 348 versus Microsoft's 1412.

Like I said, I don't call it high-performance just yet.
But it's also no longer the constantly garbage-collecting lamer
it once was.

> Actually, I'm more interested in the amount of concurrent connections Kaffe
> can handle - that test separated the men from the boys.

Note that there's also OS imposed limitations.  
Many OSs, including Linux, limit the number of file descriptors a process
can have open at a time.  In Linux, this limit is often set to 1024.

	- Godmar

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