AOL Instant Messenger

Peter Mehlitz peter at
Thu Mar 25 16:06:51 PST 1999

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> I tried to find out what happens with
> AOL Instant Messenger (TM) version 1.1.19 for Java built 03/24/98
> under the current CVS snapshot of Kaffe. Here are my results.
> AIM calls java.awt.Component.createImage( int width, int height ):

Indeed, production from native images was lost somewhere on the way. Well, not
completely, since it still is in img.c imgProduceImage() - which I used as the
sole mechanism to produce existing images, but that unfortunately wasn't
compatible enough, so we switched it back (even though the current JDK way
might result in some great memory "leaks"). I will look into this..

-- Peter

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