JIT support for m68k/{linux,netbsd}

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sat Mar 27 20:39:20 PST 1999

Well, JIT support for m68/{linux,netbsd} comes close to be completed.
I summarize what you can get from the latest snap.

	I only tested with '--with-staticlib --with-staticvm --without-x'.
	Or actually, I usually do it on the x86/linux box.
	DoublePrint, SoTimeout, BeanBug, ProcessClassInst, SoInterrupt fail.
	But on my machine, the test reports more problems, when I just do
	'make check'. When I do 'make TESTS=foobar.java check' some of them
	works fine. Since I am not so familiar with m68k/linux I don't know
	what's wrong, but I guess swap problem or kernel bug.

	You have to specify '--with-engine=intrp' explicitly.
	There should be no problem if you test each of them individually,
	but 'run everything by one command' on my machine reports several

	The most funny thing happens here.
	Test reports it can not compile 'TestFloatDouble.java' with

	../../../kaffe-snap/test/regression/TestFloatDouble.java:23: floating point number too large
			float f1 = 500.005f;

	../../../kaffe-snap/test/regression/TestFloatDouble.java:24: floating point number too large
			float f2 = 400.004f;
	2 errors

	And it happens with Klasses.jar revision 1.81 or higher. I don't
	say it's bug in Klasses.jar (because this works fine for intrp
	or other platforms) and of course it's bug in jit code for m68k.

	But I have to point out which class files in Klasses.jar makes
	this problem before debug.

	Except for this, OverFlow and ProcessClassInst fail.

	OverFlow fails.
	Since OverFlow does not fail for linux box, it should be netbsd
	specific or Sun3 specific (which I am not so sure).

These are the issues for next weekend :-)
# And also, '-O2' support for jit is needed.


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