Compiling kaffe-1_0_b3 for ARM

Toni Kuure Toni.Kuure at
Mon Mar 29 22:06:42 PST 1999

I'm trying to compile KaffeVM for Arm. The host computer is pentium and I have
working arm development tools (egsc-1.1.1 + glibc-2.1) for it. 
I have problems with getting kaffe compiled. It complains about data types
(says that
sizes of short, int and long should not be zero)

(I have set up CC,NM,LD,AR and RANLIB in the environment) 
Here are the options for the configuration script:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/arm-kaffe --target=arm-linux
--host=i386-linux --without-x --without-timing --with-engine=intrp


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